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    Website Translation & Localization

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    Translation is both art and science, more so now than ever. The need for translation of web-based content including on-line training, e-commerce and marketing websites has grown tremendously since the dawn of the internet age.

    Client demands now lean toward a more diverse array of electronic media formats than simply Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Understanding how to translate this more "technical" content is critical for success in today's competitive translation environment and gives you an edge.

    Starting with basic web content creation using HTML (the building blocks of the web), we will spend initial sessions learning hands-on how websites are authored. The remainder of the course will be focused on translating, engineering, managing and performing quality assurance for web content to create fully "localized" websites that are adapted for the target language.

    Website Translation & Localization - details

    Location Monterey, CA
    Format Hybrid
    (3-day intensive) + 6 online sessions
    Venue Monterey Institute of Int'l Studies
    Dates On-site: Aug 2-4, 2014
    : July TBD, 2014
    Day/Time On-site: Sat-Mon /
    9:00am-4:00pm PT
    : July TBD, 2014
    Duration of Instruction On-site: 6 hrs/day
    : 2 hrs/day
    Total Hours 28
    University Credit? No
    ATA Credit? Yes
    Sign Up! Contact: Angie Quesenberry (

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